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Wedding Sand Ceremony

Diamond Confetti Table Decorations 1/2 carat 7 Colors Pack of 2000
$6.95 $9.95
Sprinkle the blink blink diamond confetti on the table, touch up the center pieces with sparks! Add shimmers and shines to your wedding party, bridal showers with flair and elegance of diamonds!Our diamond confetti is made of high quality faux acrylic with high clarity.Clarity: FlawlessCut: BrilliantNo. of pieces: Approx 2000.Carat:...
Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Heart Unity Sand Holder and Stands
This heart unity sand holder includes: one glass heart bottle with rubber seal cork and glass stopper. The bottle is 6.5" tall, 5" wide and 3.5" deep. The black wire base stands 4.5" tall. The vase can hold up to 20 ounces of sand (NOT included).You may purchase 6.75" side...
Wedding Accessories Sand for Sand Ceremony (10 colors)
Colorful sand serves as a beautiful accent. Use in decorations or for an alternative to the candle-lighting ceremony.Use this 16 ounce tube of sand in your unity sand wedding ceremony. The tube is clear PVC and measures 8.25" tall, with a 2" diameter. Available in sand colors: aqua, black, silver...
Engraved Wedding Sand Ceremony Set Heart Shaped 6 Piece
The heart unity sand ceremony is another way to make a sand ceremony even more meaningful.By adding a third vase you are able to add another symbolic element to this event. Incorporate your priest, child or have the third vase represent your shared spiritual beliefs.The engravable central bottle, with glass...
Engraved Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set
A beautiful alternative to the traditional unity candle, our Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set creates a sentimentally chic way to display your love. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies or destination weddings, this keepsake kit includes everything you'll need to create a memorable unity ceremony, as well as provide your home...
Wedding Love Letter Ceremony Box Keepsake
"Love letter wedding ceremony" is a new alternative to traditional unity candle ceremony or unity sand ceremony.To prepare the ceremony, the bride and the groom... each write the ultimate love letter to each other. In each letter are the reasons you want to marry one another.On the wedding day, Following...
Unity Vase 3-Pieces Set Wedding Sand Ceremony
This glass unity sand vase set includes one main vase (8.25" tall, 2.75" wide) and two side vases (9.5" tall, 1.625" diameter). Each side vase holds 7 ounces of sand. The main vase holds 14 ounces of sand. Sand is not included.
Have & Hold Sand Ceremony Set
Glass cylinder set with design "to have & to hold" printed in gold on the large cylinder. Set includes one large cylinder and 3 small blank cylinders. Sand not included. Not dishwasher safe. Large: 10" x 5" diameter. Small: 7 1/2" x 2 4/11" diameter.
I Will Sand Ceremony Set
Glass sand ceremony set includes large elite cylinder with design printed in white on the front and 3 small blank elite cylinders. Large cylinder is 10" tall, 5" diameter, Small cylinders are 7 1/2" tall, 2 4/11" diameter.
This Day Wedding Sand Ceremony Set of 4 Cylinders
"This day…" sand ceremony set of 4 includes One large cylinder with verse "This Day I Married My Friend" in white and three smaller blank cylinders. Large cylinder, 9" tall, 3" in diameter; Three small cylinders, Each 7 1/2" tall, 1 3/4" in diameter.
Small Decanter for Sand Pouring
Small decanter measures 5" x 2.5", Sand sold separately.
Personalized Rustic Unity Sand Ceremony 4pc Set
The Personalized Rustic Unity Sand Ceremony Set is a charming alternative to the traditional unity candle. Crafted into curvaceous silhouettes and topped with a stunning wood stopper, it will be the perfect addition to your ceremony. After the wedding, this unity sand piece will be a great keepsake for years...
Wedding Decanter and Stemless Wine Glasses
This beautiful glass set includes one decanter and set of 2 stemless wine glasses for the wedding reception. The stemless wine glasses measures 4.25" and decanter measures 9".
Wine Glass and 2 Carafes Ceremony Set
New traditions can be started with this beautiful wine glass and carafe ceremony set. This set contains two carafes and one wine glass and is intended to take the place of a unity candle. The bride and groom each combine wine from a separate carafe into one glass to symbolize...
Love you Always Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set
Love is always and nothing says that better one of the Love Collection Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Sets. Custom-etched with "Llove you always" quote, these unity pieces feature a chic shadow box to hold sand and two curvaceous pouring vases. Unite your love and keep for always as a beautiful...
Wedding Sand Ceremony Seashell 4-Cylinders Set
Set of 4 sand ceremory set includes large cylinder with beach-themed, resin base and removable lid carved with seashells featuring rhinestone accents and 3 smaller cylinders. Large cylinder, 9" tall, 3" in diameter; 11 3/4" tall, 4 1/4" in diameter including lid and base; small cylinders, 7 1/2" tall, 1...
Wedding Sand Ceremony Unity Sand Frame
This unity sand picture frame is designed to be used in place of a unity sand vase during the wedding ceremony, with bride and groom both filling it with sand. The frame is resin and measures 11" wide, 9" tall and 1.625" deep. The lid slides outward so you can...
Wedding Sand Ceremony Engraved Nesting 3 Piece Vase Set
The Unity Sand Ceremony is a novel alternative for the popular "unity candle ceremony" incorporated into many of today's weddings. The essence is to symbolize the union of "two into one".This sand version is not only beautiful and interesting but also more appropriate for an outdoor setting. With the addition...
Wedding Sand Ceremony Engraved Linked Heart 4 Cylinder Set
A unique alternative to the candle-lighting ceremony, this kit includes: one 9" tall, 3" in diameter cylinder with white linked hearts imprint; Three 7 1/2" tall, 1 3/4" in diameter cylinders. The center cylinder can be engraved up to 2 lines with script font.Colored sands are sold separately.BLENDING CEREMONY traditionTo...
Wedding Sand Ceremony Hearts 4 Cylinders Set
Set of 4 sand ceremony set includes large cylinder with glazed resin base and removable lid carved with hearts featuring rhinestone accents. Large cylinder measures 9" tall, 3" in diameter; 11 3/4" tall, 4 1/2" in diameter including lid and base; 3 smaller cylinders. small cylinder measures 7 1/2" tall,...
Engraved Sand Ceremony Unity Set 4 Pieces Vases Set
Our 4pc. Sand Ceremony Vase Set is one of a kind unity candle doubles as a wedding ceremony essential and a stand out conversation piece.With one large, featured vase and three smaller vases, this curvy set is a perfect way to involve children from a previous marriage or even a...
Wedding Sand Ceremony 3-Vases Set with Sands
This unique Kit includes everything you need to create a memorable unity ceremony.The center vase is decorated with beaded string with 'Together Forever' tag.This sand ceremony set includes:One large vase stands 10" tall.Two couple pouring vases stands 6.75" tall.2 lbs of white sand.2 lbs of brown sand.You may purchase additional...

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