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Bridal Hair Accessories

Crystal Couture Pearl Bridal Tiara (Silver or Gold)
Faceted swarovski crystals, ivory freshwater pearls, and rhinestones are gathered into floral clusters in this lovely piece, as silver plated ribbons of seed beads and rhinestones loop into a beautiful backdrop.Perfect for the classic bride, the ornamented portion of the piece measures 9" wide and 1-1/2" tall, and the piece...
Bridal Hair Comb Silver Ivory Floral Hair Comb Pearl and Rhinestone
A beautiful floral hair comb that features ivory flowers with silver plated rhinestones in leaf design and pearls accents. This magnificent hair piece is lovely and radiant, a dashing accessory piece that is perfect for your spring/summer theme wedding.Size: 4.5" (Length) 2" (Width)
Ivory Porcelain Pearl Flower Bridal Headband
Pretty porcelain floral headband with rhinestone and pearl accents.Size: Design extends 9" long by 1/2" wide on 13" band.
Elegant Silver Vine and Swarovski Crystal Bridal Hair Comb
Simply breathtaking, this bridal comb is the perfect touch of elegance to your bridal hairstyle. Swarovski crystals, beads, and rhinestones create the artistic floral effect. The decoration measures 8-1/2" wide and 2" tall.
Swarovski Crystal Regal Bridal Tiara
Regal tiara of swarovski crystal and rhinestones.Measures 6" wide and 1 3/8" tall at highest point. Silver color.
Pearl & Crystal Champagne Bridal Headband Tiara
Simple and sparkling, this headband features a bouquet of silver flower details, faux pearl clusters, and rhinestone flowers.The ornamented portion of this piece measures 9" wide and 1/2" tall.Perfect for the bride, bridesmaid, or flower girl. A loop at either end allows you to fasten it in your hair with...
Bridal Tiara Silver Clear Swirl Rhinestone Princess Tiara
Bridal Tiara Silver Clear Swirl Rhinestone Princess TiaraElegant silver plated swirls weave throughout stunning clear round-cut and pear-cut rhinestones in this romantic and classic design. This is a charming piece for any classic bride and coordinates perfectly with a white or ivory wedding dress. This is also a lovely accessory...
Swarovski and Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Bridal Tiara
A fairy-tale dream, this sparkling pearl and crystal bridal tiara is the perfect accessory for the classic bride. Freshwater pearls, rhinestones, clear Swarovski crystals, and seed beads weave into a stunning design. The ornamented portion of the silver tiara measures 9-1/2" wide and 2" tall, and a loop at either...
Bridal Tiara Gold & Champagne Tiara
This exquisite floral tiara features stunning gold plating, clusters of creamy freshwater pearls, handcrafted porcelain flowers, and clear rhinestones. The ornamented portion of this piece measures 7-1/2" wide and 1-1/2" tall at its center peak, and the piece ends in two loops that allow you to fasten it in your...
Bridal Tiara Royal Kate Middleton Inspired Halo Tiara
Looking to bring some majestic elegance to your wedding after being inspired by the enchanting Royal Wedding? Now you can wear the tiara the world fell in love with and truly feel like a princess! Our Kate Middleton Halo Tiara replica is based off the original and iconic Cartier tiara...
Bridal Feather Hair Fascinator & Birdcage Veil White or Ivory
This vintage-inspired birdcage veil will simply dazzle on your modern wedding day.The ornament rests on a 1-1/2" comb and features a spray of feathers with a cluster of faux pearls and rhinestones at the center.The veil measures 11" long and 15" wide. Size: (Ornament) and Comb is 1-1/2" wide. Available...
Bird Cage Veiling Bridal Hat with Swarovski Crystal & & Feather White or Ivory
This accessory is the perfect touch for an old fashion 20's wedding style ceremony.This piece has a gorgeous flower accenting the top of the hat, with scattered Swarovski Crystals and sprays of feathers.Size: Flower Feather Accent on Hat Measures 4-1/2" x 7" Wide - Veiling extending off the hat measures...
Clear Crystal Bridal Headband Silver or Gold
A single silver or gold plated vine stretches throughout this beautiful headband, featuring clear rhinestones and white rhinestone encrusted leaves. A beautiful addition to your spring, summer, or fall wedding, this piece is perfect for the classic or modern bride. The ornamented portion of the piece measures 12-1/2" wide and...
Bridal Headband Antique Silver Ivory Pearl & Marquise Crystal
This beautiful antique silver headpiece encrusted with clear cut rhinestones adds a magical touch to this bridal accessory.Featuring beautiful white pearls and a decorative rhythmic design this headpiece is truly inspirational and perfect for any traditional and vintage inspired bride!Size: 14" (Band Length) 11" (Design Length) 2" (Embellishment Width/Height)
Bridal Feather Hair Comb Feather Fascinator Clip White or Ivory
This simple and lovely feather clip will add a touch of charm to your wedding hairstyle.A burst of feathers frames a single sparkling rhinestone.Perfect for either a modern or vintage wedding, the hair piece measures 5" wide x 5" tall. Available in White or Ivory color.
Bouquet Jewelry Crystal Initial Monogram A-Z Any Letter
Personalizing your bouquet is a unique detail that will help set your wedding apart from others in an original way.Whether your emphasising the bride and groom's new last name, the bridesmaid's first name initials on each of their bouquets, or the bride's first name initial, family, friends, and guests are...
Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiara
Brilliant and bridal, this tiara features clusters of white faux pearls, rhinestone flowers, and Swarovski crystals. The perfect finishing touch to your wedding updo. The ornamented portion of the band measures 9" wide and 1-3/4" tall at its center peak, and the piece ends in two loops that allow you...
Light Blue Crystal Swirl Bouquet Jewels  (Set of 2)
These bouquet jewels are the hottest trend in adding sparkle to the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces and even wedding cake toppers.The fabulous crystal swirl bouquet jewels Swirls are absolutely Stunning... Don't miss out on the newest fashion trend in bridal bouquets "Crystal Bouquet Jewelry". Your guests will be impressed!The...
Ivory Pearl Hair Bridal Accent Twist Ins (Set of 12)
These single pearl twist ins are elegant and simplistic in their on ways. These add an elegant touch to dress up a down hair style or an updo.Perfect to compliment a set of pearl earings or necklace. Very popularly worn for proms, weddings, and special occasions.Available in: ivory Pearl. Each...
Freshwater Pearl Victorian Bridal Tiara
The stunning design of this tiara features creamy freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and rhinestones. Perfect for the modern, vintage, or classic bride, this piece ends with two loops that allow you to fasten it in your hair with bobby pins.The bridal tiara is 1-1/2" High.
Freshwater Ivory Pearls & Swarovski Crystals Tiara
This lovely bridal tiara is artistically arranged with creamy freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and silver plated flower details. A simply beautiful addition to your wedding hairstyle, this piece is perfect for the classic bride. The ornamented portion of the piece measures 6-3/4" wide and 1-3/4" tall at its center...
Floral Bridal Comb with Swarovski Crystals
$14.95 $29.95
Simple and lovely, this piece is a beautiful alternative to the full tiara. Sparkling with encrusted rhinestones and a curling design, this tiara comb is perfect for the classic, modern, or vintage bride. The piece measures 4-1/2" wide and 1-1/2" tall, and rests on a 2" comb.
Couture Crystal Hair Vine
This hair vine is 25" long and very elegant. It features a floral pattern of silver plated flowers encrusted with clear rhinestones and swarovski crystals. The hair vine sits on a floral ornamented hairpin that is 3-3/4" long and covered with a flower made of swarovski crystals. This is a...
Butterfly Wedding Bridal Tiara with Swarovski Crystals
This playful and lovely butterfly tiara sparkles with clear rhinestones. A lovely choice for your classic or modern wedding, and beautiful with either your white or ivory wedding dress.The ornamented portion of this piece measures 6-3/4" wide and 1" tall, and the piece ends in two loops that allow you...
Bridal Tiara Elegant Rhinestone Floral Tiara Headband
If you’re looking for an elegant bridal headpiece but don’t want a full tiara, this is an ideal choice! Gorgeous round-cut clear crystals gracefully sit within a wonderful silver plated floral motif on this charming silver plated tiara. This will look stunning with a white or ivory wedding dress or...
Bridal Ribbon Headband in White
Simple and lovely, this floral fabric and lace headband features small clusters of white sequins, bugle beads, and faux pearls.The piece ties beneath your hair, perfect for the bride, bridesmaid, or flower girl. Size: Ribbon Design extends 10" along a 44" satin ribbon, 1 1/2" wide design. Available in White...
Bouquet Jewelry Crystal Cross Faith Jewels
This beautiful crystal covered bouquet cross is a great expression of religion and faith. Add an extra touch of your believings to a bouquet or centerpiece with this touch of personalization. Your family and guests will just love this unique decoration at your wedding!The bouquet jewel is on a 12"...
Birdcage Veil & Flower Feather Fascinator Comb (White or Ivory)
This elegant Bridal Headpiece features a feather hair accent comb with a flower accented with pearls and crystals and trails of feathers!The headpiece measures 4-1/2" wide and 3" tall; Birdcage Veil measures about 11" long by 12" wide. The cage face veil is removable so you can detach it at...
Vintage Feather Fascinator Ivory Bridal Hair Piece
This stunning feather fascinator is the perfect way to add glamour to your classic or modern wedding. Brilliant feathers fan from a rhinestone encrusted silver bow. A cluster of faux pearls and rhinestones rest at the center, and seed beads subtly spray from the center ornament. The fascinator measures 4-1/2"...
Vintage Crystal Bridal Tiara
A vintage-inspired version of the classic tiara, this piece features a rhinestone encrusted curling design. Perfect for the modern or vintage bride. The ornamented portion of the piece measures 10" wide and 2" tall, and the piece ends with two loops that allow you to fasten it in your hair...
Vintage Couture Feather Bridal Headpiece with Bird Cage Veil Clip White or Ivory
Stunning crystal and fresh water pearl accented bridal feather hair clip is attached with birdcage face veiling of your choice of white or ivory.This vintage inspired bridal headpiece is accented with sparkling round and teardrop shaped rhinestone crystals and freshwater pearls.Size: Veil is 15" long x 15" wide. Feathers extend...
Twin Matte Satin & Feather Flower Fascinator on Russian Tulle
This beautiful feather fascinator clip features silk tulips, soft feathers, tulle, rhinestones and multi-faceted Austrian crystals with a birdcage veil.Size: Ornament: 8'' x 6'', veil: 8'' x 12''. Available in White or Ivory color.