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Wedding Card Boxes

Glass Wedding Card Box Personalized Octagon Money Box
This Octagon wedding card box is not only personalized, but can be used after the wedding as a case to display the wedding couples cherished wedding keepsakes.Features: They are made of double strength, UV protected glass and mirror. This unique card box is made with mirror on the bottom and...
Silver Gift Card Holders Wedding Card Box
The silver gift card holders is now available in a neutral palette easily incorporated into any wedding day setting, these ornately structured card holders feature a scrolling vine pattern design and are topped with super chic gift bows!They include a white cardboard insert, which can be placed at the bottom...
Satin Wedding Money Bag - Ivory or White
Collect your cards and money at the reception in this satin money bag, which measures 11.5" x 15". A satin bow at the top is decorated with a classy rhinestone deco. The bag cinches at the top. Available in White or Ivory color.